IRON began in 2009 at Amherst County High School with nine students. The program was designed to prevent students from making poor choices inside and outside of school. IRON also encouraged students to make choices that will propel them toward having a brighter future. Today, our program has grown from nine students to over 300! WE ARE STILL GROWING AND LEARNING!

Our Vision, Our Mission

Our Vision & Mission: Our vision is to see all youth overcome negativity, develop into positive adults, and change the world. Our mission is to help our youth consistently overcome negativity in their lives and in their community. We believe it is our responsibility to help our students develop into positive adults who change the world! We carry out this mission by building character,teaching respect, leadership, professionalism, and selflessness through community service.

About I.R.O.N.

IRON works on a simple model of BUILD, SUPPORT, and SEND. We ask different speakers from the community come share a life story with our youth pertaining to decision making, self-respect, respecting others, how to be successful, and practicing financial strategies, etc. In addition to our meetings, we have various programs and workshops to help BUILD and SUPPORT our youth

About Our Programs

I am Responsible for Overcoming Negativity (IRON) is a non-profit organization that provides free programing for secondary schools. IRON consists of four main programs:

IRON – High School males, Turning Into Noble Men.

IRON Diamond – High School females, Turning Into Strong Women.

(T.I.N Men) – Middle School males, Turning Into IRON Men.

(R.U.B.I.E.S) –Respectful, Unique, Beautiful, Intelligent, Excellent,Sisterhood. Middle School females. These programs are designed to help develop and polish youth in the areas of academics, practicing professionalism, learning to become better leaders, respect, and community service.

Key Pillars of IRON

Encourage learning in the classroom by providing opportunities to apply and connect curriculum content to real-world experiences.


Provide the youth with an outlet and forums to discuss issues related to their lives and possible solutions.

Charitable Life

Develop character traits and positive change in the areas of professionalism, leadership, respect, and community service.


Increase the presence of young role models in the community.


Teach the importance of education, self-discipline, self-starting, culture, and history.


Highlight the importance of the IRON principles to younger generations.

Serve & Support

Serve as a bridge that connects community leaders and businesses to schools.

Become A Volunteer to Serve Humanity